Homestay in アメリカ, Kissimmee

In the past 20 years, we have had the pleasure, of hosting worldwide students, and vacationers, from Japan,Italy, Brazil, France and we also provide hosting in NYC, as needed. We provide a quiet and safe and spiritual environment always .....

Your Host: Victor
  • 子供はいません
  • Host does not smoke
Services & Amenities
  • 食事について: 朝食, 昼食, 夕食
  • ワイヤレスブロードバンドインターネット (Wi-Fi)
  • 喫煙を許可しない
  • Laundry availability unknown — enquire with host
  • 1 Bedroom, Sleeps 1-2 guests

1 Bedroom in This Homestay

お部屋#1: アパート

Sleeps 1-2 guests

利用開始日: 現在


(Billed at $225 週毎)

  • Beds

    • 1 × Double
  • Bathroom

    • 個別
  • Furnishings

    • full-height mirror
    • closet or wardrobe
    • nightstand or bedside table
    • personal hair dryer
    • desk and chair
    • air conditioning
Schools Near This Homestay

Approximate distances are provided for guidance only and should be verified with the homestay host.

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